Zombie Dice

It doesn’t get any simpler than Zombie Dice. You are a zombie trying to eat thirteen brains before getting hit with three shotgun blasts. The game consists of a container of 13 dice. That’s it. The dice faces have either brains, shotgun blasts, or footsteps on them. The dice come in three colors: green, yellow, and red. Green dice have more brains than blasts, red dice have more blasts than brains, and yellow are balanced between the two.

On your turn you randomly select three dice from the container and roll them. You keep any brains or blasts you roll. Footstep dice represent the people you haven’t caught yet and will be rolled again only if you decide to continue your turn. Once you see your results, you may elect to score the brains you rolled and end your turn – they are banked and can never be lost – or you may elect to press your luck and keep going to see if you can get even more brains before getting shotgunned. If you elect to press your luck, any brains and blasts you have rolled so far this turn remain in front of you. Grab any footstep dice you just rolled and however many more you need from the canister so that you have three dice total, and keep rolling. If at any time on your turn you have 3 blasts, your turn is over, and any brains you ate on this turn are not scored. First player to 13 wins.

Zombie Dice is a great game if you are sitting at a pub or waiting in line at a Con. It is easy for a child (10+) to play, though I guess the subject matter might be too dark. It is compact and easy to carry with you. The games are quick and usually conducive to smack talk. It also can accommodate several players because turns don’t take very long. There is very little strategy involved, however, and most seasoned gamers will grow weary after a couple of games per session.  Still, it provides a good little distraction for the price, and it goes well with alcohol, since you don’t have to think too much.