Time’s Up

Time’s Up (Deluxe and Title Recall) are great party games in the vein of Charades. But they have one important twist. Instead of using different phrases to guess, players here will go through the same list of names/phrases three times during the game. Each time, though, they can give less and less clues. For instance, you might have the title “Dance, Dance, Revolution” as one of the cards. In round one, the giver can use any words not on the card to describe the card and his teammates can keep guessing or pass to their heart’s content. In round two, the person who gets that phrase can only use a single word, and then as many gestures as he likes, and the team gets only one guess. So maybe you say “Boogie” and dance around like you are playing the video game. In round three, no words can be spoken, so a giver might just use the goofy dance from rounds one and two, hoping her teammates might remember. Some of the funniest moments I have ever experienced have come from playing this rarely mentioned game. It has been a hit every single time.