Loot makes this list because it provides rules for team vs. team play when playing 6-8 players that work extremely well. In Loot, you are pirates. You play in teams of 2 players, who sit next to each other. You each have a hand of cards containing pirate ships, merchant ships, pirate captains, or the single admiral in the deck. On a turn a player will either draw a card or play one card. When playing a card, if it is a merchant ship, you are hoping it remains unscathed until your next turn, because if it does, you bank its value into your score pile. If you have a hand full of pirate ships, however, you might want to attack another player by placing one of those ships next to one of his merchant ships, hoping that when your turn comes around next time, you have the most pirate power present, so that you can plunder it and place it in your own score pile. Captains act as trump cards for pirate ships, but they are rare since there is only one per each of the four colors of pirates. The single admiral card acts the same way, except it must be played on your own merchant ship. The game plays quickly, but there are enough decisions to provide strategic tension. Loot does a great job of forcing teammates to coordinate their turns and work together in order to have success. While the rules are simple, tension definitely ramps up (in a good way).