Dungeon Roll

Dungeon Roll is a press your luck dice game where you roll up a party of adventurers -the white dice, and delve into the dungeon to look for shiny things. Players fight monsters rolled by another player using the black dice. These dice contain oozes, skeletons, goblins, and even a dragon. Players may also find potions and treasure chests, all the while gaining experience points (XP) for each level delved. Trick is, you have to know when to get out. If you keep pressing your luck and can’t defeat all the monsters on a level, you flee the dungeon without banking any experience points for that turn, which obviously sucks. After each player completes three delves, the player with the most XP wins.

Dungeon Roll requires a bit more strategy than some press your luck dice games. First of all, you draw a character card at the beginning of the game. Your character has a minor ability that he can use at any time, and a more powerful ability that can be used only once per delve. A character may also level up once per game, increasing the power of his abilities. Knowing how to use your character’s abilities properly can get you just a bit deeper into the dungeon, gain you just a bit more XP, and greatly improve your chances of winning the game. Each party you roll up will contain a number of different adventurers: mages, fighters, clerics, thieves, and champions. Each of these have their strengths and maximizing them is very important.

Dungeon Roll is easy to learn, but it is meaty enough to successfully scratch the itch of adventuring and looting. The different character cards provide a bit of variety and replay value. Dungeon Roll can even be played as a solo game. The rule book allows you compare your final score against a chart to see your hero’s ranking. I would suggest playing the game with no more than three players. The turns in Dungeon Roll tend to take enough time that waiting for two other people to take a turn starts to be a drag. It definitely plays great as a two player game. The game box is a treasure chest players use to draw loot from during the game – an excellent design choice!