Dread Curse

You are a pirate, so this game is already cool. Your goal is simply to amass more gold than your fellow pirates. Each round players will choose a role ranging from Captain to Cabin Boy. Each role provides some special ability that may be more (or less) useful depending on the stage of the game. Players must draw gold pieces from a bag each round, trying to get the most money without drawing one of two dreaded Black Spots, which disqualify you from scoring at the end of the game no matter how much gold you earned. There are cards that players can obtain that provide mean spirited (pirate-like) “take that” elements to the game. The cutthroat nature of the game fits the theme perfectly, and I have had great experiences with Dread Curse over a diverse range of groups who played it. CAUTION: You will need a sense of humor and fairly thick skin to not get really upset at your friends while playing this game.