Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer is a press your luck dice rolling game. This time, you are a hero trying to slay as many dragons as you can before dying from dragon breath exposure.  The components are few. There are three each of white hero dice, red dragon dice, green dragon dice, and blue dragon dice. The dragon dice have some combination of heads, bodies, tails, mountains, or dragon breath. The hero dice have some combination of axes, shields, and dragon breath. The red dragon has the most instances of dragon breath, green has fewer, and blue has none. Coincidentally, the red dragon is worth 6 points, the green is worth 4 and the blue is worth 2. On your turn pick any color dragon, but you can only fight that color again after you defeat the other two colors. And once you start fighting a dragon, it is to the death.

On your turn you roll the white dice and all the dice of one of the dragons. To kill a dragon you must get one each of the head, body, and tail, as well as an ax icon on your hero die. Mountains rolled are neutral and will be re-rolled if your turn continues. You lose hero dice if you don’t roll a number of shields equal to the number of dragon breath rolled. For each dragon breath left undefended, you lose that many hero dice. If you still have remaining hero dice, you must keep rolling until you defeat the dragon. If you run out of hero dice while fighting a dragon, you are defeated, your turn is over, and you lose all the points you earned this turn. If you defeat the dragon, you may choose to end your turn and bank the points, or choose another dragon and fight it using only your remaining hero dice. You also risk losing what points you already earned this turn if that dragon defeats you – hence, press your luck. The first player to 40 points wins the game.

There is a “twist” to this game that adds a bit of strategy. Each player gets one challenge token that they can spend once per game. When another player elects to end their turn and bank points, you can spend your token to issue a challenge to fight one more dragon. If she declines your challenge, she only gets half the points she earned this turn and the turn is over. You, as challenger, get five victory points. If she accepts the challenge, she must fight another dragon. If she loses, all her points for the turn are forfeited, the turn is over, and you get the five victory points. If she wins, you get nothing, and she gets DOUBLE the points for the dragon she killed as a result of your challenge. Then she can choose to keep going or end her turn and bank her points. This provides a chance for you to interact (aka, mess) with an opponent, which really adds to the fun. Think of it as a +1 Token of Smack Talk.

Dragon Slayer provides a quick and mobile table top experience that manages to be fairly immersive despite its simplicity. There are times where you won’t roll any dragon parts or axes, but you’ll roll just enough shields to repel the dragon’s breath. In those instances You might imagine your knight exchanging blows with a blue dragon, as he would in any fantasy role playing game. This game also works well over a few drinks.